Dozens of illegal Israeli colonialist settlers attacked, on Friday at dawn, many Palestinian homes, and opened fire at them, in occupied Jerusalem.

Eyewitnesses said the colonists hurled stones at the Palestinian homes, while some of them fired rounds of live ammunition, causing damage.

They added that the attacks targeted the Palestinian homes near the Hebron Gate, and in the Old City.

The colonists were marching while chanting racist slogans, and calling for expelling the indigenous Palestinians, in addition to the racist chant “Death to Arabs,” amidst calls for further assaults against the Palestinians and their property in the occupied city.

Video By WAFA news

In related news, Israeli soldiers abducted, late on Thursday at night and on Friday at dawn, at least fifty-three Palestinians from several neighborhoods of the Old City of occupied East Jerusalem, after they protested the dozens of assaults and violations carried out by illegal Israeli colonialist settlers.

The colonists also attacked many Palestinian cars in Sheikh Jarrah, causing excessive damage to dozens of cars, in addition to puncturing the tires of many Palestinian vehicles, and injured several Palestinians, including one woman who suffered a moderate head injury.

It is worth mentioning that among the abducted Palestinians are three children, who were taken prisoner by the soldiers in the Suwwana neighborhood, in Jerusalem.

They have been identified as Omar Abu Ghannam, 14, Yousef Abu Ghannam, 14, and Khalil Abu al-Hawa, 15.

Furthermore, the soldiers closed the Baba Hotta gate, one of the main gates leading to the Al-Aqsa Mosque, and prevented the Palestinians from crossing while on their way to the holy site.

The soldiers also assaulted dozens of Palestinians while inspecting their ID cards at the gate, in addition to several streets and alleys of the Old City.

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