On Sunday, a group of illegal paramilitary colonizers installed an outpost on private Palestinian lands southeast of Qusra village, south of Nablus, in the northern part of the occupied West Bank.

The colonizers brought wooden poles for electricity lines and equipment to facilitate the installation of the outpost.

They also started building homes using wood and bricks and isolated the area by installing barbwires to prevent the Palestinians from reaching their lands.

The paramilitary attacked many Palestinian farmers who tried to enter their lands in the area and forced them to leave.

The Palestinians gathered at a distance before Israeli soldiers invaded the area and attacked them while trying to force them to leave.

The area contains thousands of dunams of Palestinian land that have been isolated and closed by the army, denying the Palestinian owners their rights to enter and tend to them, especially the lands near the illegal Migdalim colony, built on stolen lands.

The colonizers recently started uprooting and bulldozing Palestinian lands and preparing for a new street linking the new outpost with Migdalim.

Illegal colonies and outposts surround the area, and the new outpost would isolate thousands of Dunams of Palestinian lands.