Israeli forces in night raid (archive image from Al Jazeera)

Israeli forces abducted 13 Palestinians in early-morning raids on Wednesday in Nablus, Tulkarem and Hebron, abducting 13. Raids also occurred near Jenin and Ramallah, but no abductions took place there.

According to the Wafa News Agency, Israeli occupation forces abducted four Palestinians from the southern Hebron governorate on Wednesday.

According to local security sources, Jawad Khader al-Jabari, Ibrahim Nimr al-Ja’bari from Hebron and Imad Abdel-Aziz al-Batran from the town of Ithna west of Hebron were taken by Israeli troops.

The Israeli occupation forces also abducted four young men, including three brothers from Tulkarem, on Wednesday.

According to the office of the Prisoner’s Society in Tulkarem, the Israeli forces arrested brothers Yusef Hilmi Abu Khalil, 20, Mujahid, 19, and Leith, 18, from the village of Shufa southeast of the province, following the raid on their homes.

Israeli occupation forces also abducted five Palestinians from the city of Nablus on Wednesday.

According to local and security sources, the Israeli occupation forces stormed several neighborhoods in the city. They arrested three Palestinian prisoners: Yasser Manna ‘, Marwan’ Ateini and Fadel al-Kurdi, while Jihad Awartani was abducted at a military checkpoint on the road between Ramallah and Nablus.

The sources added that the occupation forces stormed the village of Beit Dajan in the east, and arrested the young Maawiya Afif Hanini, after the raid on the house of his family and search of the home.

In addition, Israeli occupying forces raided and searched a number of houses of Palestinian prisoners in the towns of Silat al-Harthiya and Yamoun, west of Jenin, on Wednesday before dawn.

Local sources told Wafa that the Israeli occupation forces raided the homes of the freed prisoners in Silat al-Harthiya: Fares Husni Shawahneh, Hani Shafiq Jaradat, Khaled Hussein Jaradat, Salah Zib Ziyud, Sadiq Hassan Abu Al Khair, Anad Mohammed Abu Al Khair.

They also raided and searched the house of the prisoner, Adib Samoudi, from al-Yamoun village.

And finally, Israeli forces stormed the town of Beit Rima, northwest of Ramallah, and raided a number of houses.

A Wafa news correspondent said that a large contingent of soldiers from the Israeli army raided the houses of citizens, Yahya Fayez Rahima, Omar Sotouf and Sami Mustafa Rimawi, and ransacked the contents, and destroyed property in them.

He pointed out that clashes broke out between the young men and the occupation soldiers, who fired sound bombs and tear gas towards them, but no injuries were reported.

These nightly raids occur every morning in the West Bank, with Israeli forces pulling youth from their beds while sleeping, in an attempt to instill fear in the Palestinian population as a whole.