Israeli authorities in the northern West Bank district of Jenin, delivered three demolition orders, on Tuesday, to different residents from the Ya’bad town, south-west of Jenin.

According to the board-member of the Ya’bad municipality, Samer Abu Bakr, the demolition orders involve stores belonging to Omar Alkilani and Zaid Herzallah, as well as Easam Attatra.

He explained that the Israeli authorities would soon embark on demolishing the butcher shop of Alkilani and the grocery store of Attatra. With respect to the third store, it is a another grocery store that is currently under construction, and owned by resident Herzallah.

The local municipal member also noted that the warrants, indicate that the pretext for the orders is that of non-licensing, and that the owners are forbidden to reconstruct their buildings, once they are knocked down.

Noteworthy, the three buildings are located on the eastern entrance of Ya’bad town. Ya’bad itself, has been exposed to frequent Israeli troops invasions and crackdown on its residents, over the past several weeks.

Dozens of Ya’bad residents have been abducted by Israeli troops, over the same time period.