On Saturday, Israeli forces detained three Palestinians, and fired tear gas at a crowd that was protesting the recent Israeli settler attacks on Palestinians in Jerusalem.

At least three Palestinians were detained and two others injured when Israeli police moved in on a group of non-violent demonstrators near Damascus Gate in Jerusalem andĀ fired teargas canisters and stun grenades.

Two of those detained were young men, while the third was a young woman. They were taken by the soldiers to the so-called ‘Russian Compound’ for interrogation.

Israeli troops regularly abduct minors and subject them to harsh questioning without notifying their parents. The children are often harshly treated and beaten, and given no access to counsel.

Meanwhile, in Jenin district, in the northern West Bank, Israeli troops fired tear gas at protesters in Jaba town to the south of Jenin.

Israeli military forces stormed the town of Jaba, raided and searched the home of a Palestinian man who is currently imprisoned in an Israeli prison camp. They ransacked his home and caused property damage.

They were confronted by local youth who chanted at the soldiers to leave their town. Some threw stones.

Israeli forces used tear gas canisters against the residents, causing several people to suffer tear gas inhalation. They were treated at the scene.

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