Israeli forces seized a truck and a bulldozer owned by Palestinian residents in the town of Beit Ummar to the north of Hebron, the southern occupied West Bank, the Palestinian News and Info Agency (WAFA) reported.

Mohammed Awad, a media activist, said that Israeli forces confiscated a truck and a bulldozer while the land-owners were working on rehabilitating Palestinian land, previously seized by illegal Israeli settlers, north of Beit Ummar town.

Israeli forces coerced the Palestinian land-owner and workers to leave the land, preventing them from entering or working. Soldiers then seized the truck and the bulldozers, before declaring the area a ‘closed military zone’.

It is important to note that Nabil Breghith, the owner of the land, has been working the land for years, and has all documents to prove his ownership.

Photo: Palestine News Network
Edited for IMEMC: Ali Salam