Israeli navy ships attacked, Monday, Palestinian fishing boats in Gaza territorial waters, near Rafah, in the southern part of the coastal region, and abducted two fishermen.

Media sources in Gaza said the soldiers fired many live rounds at the boats, and used water cannons, while the fishermen were only four nautical miles from the shore.

They added that the navy then abducted two young fishermen, identified as Nasser Ahmad an-Nada, 24, and Mohammad Jassem Saidam, 20, and confiscated their boat.

The attack is part of ongoing violations against the Palestinians in the besieged and improvised Gaza Strip.

Suck attacks frequently target fishermen, in addition to farmers and workers on lands close to the perimeter fence.

Many Palestinians fishermen, farmers and workers have been killed, hundreds injured and abducted by the navy and the soldiers.

Last month, the navy killed a Palestinian fisherman, identified as Nawwaf Ahmad al-Attar, 20, in Gaza waters, west of Beit Lahia, in the northern part of the coastal region.

In early October of this year, the Israeli army shot and killed an elderly Palestinian farmer, identified as Ibrahim Ahmad al-Arrouqi, 78, in the central part of the Gaza Strip, while he was working on his land.