The Israeli navy released, late on Wednesday evening, eight Palestinians fishers who were among ten fishers kidnapped by the navy during early morning hours in Gaza territorial waters.

Zakariyya Bakr, coordinator of the Fishers Committees of the Union of Agricultural Work Committee, said that the army transferred the eight fishers to the Beit Hanoun (Erez) terminal, and released them.

They were among ten fishers the navy kidnapped, after attacking their boats in Gaza territorial waters, near the Sheikh Ejleen coast, in the Sudaniyya area.

The released fishers have been identified as Zayed Tarroush, Ismael Zaki Tarroush, Abdullatif Zaki Tarroush, Fadi Hashem Dabbo, Ahmad Abdul-Rahman Zaqqout, Fahd Thiab Bakr, Eid Mohsin Bakr and Bayan Khamis Bakr.

The two fishers, who remained imprisoned, are Ziad Fahd Bakr and Rami Ezzat Bakr. The Israeli navy confiscated four fishing boats, and towed them to Ashdod Port.

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Israeli Navy Kidnaps 10 Fishers, Confiscates Boats In Gaza Waters
Jun 15, 2016 @ 13:12

Israeli navy ships attacked, on Wednesday at dawn, several Palestinian fishing boats, in the Sudaniyya Sea area, in Gaza territorial waters, northwest of Gaza City, kidnapped ten fishers and confiscated four boats.

The navy ships fired several live rounds at the fishing boats, before attacking them.

They also ordered the fishers to swim towards their boats, abducted them and towed the Palestinian boats to the Ashdod Port.

The kidnapped fishers have been identified as Zayed Zaki Tarroush, Ismael Zaki Tarroush, Abdullah Zaki Tarroush, Fadi Hashem Dabbo, Ahmad Abdul-Rahman Zaqqout, Fahd Thiab Baker, Ziad Fahd Bakr, Eid Mohsin Bakr, Rami Ezzat Bakr and Bayan Khamis Bakr.

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