Palestinian residents thwarted, on Friday night, an attempt by an illegal Israeli settler to burn a Palestinian-owned vehicle in the threatened Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood of occupied East Jerusalem, witnesses reported.

They told the Palestinian News & Information Agency (WAFA) that an Israeli colonist entered the neighborhood and attempted to light vehicles on fire, but residents chased him away before police arrested the potential arsonist.

Israeli assailants are very rarely arrested or held accountable for their attacks and vandalism against the indigenous Palestinian population in the occupied territories.

Video from Eye on Palestine

In related news, on Friday, Palestinian activist Mohammad Abu al-Hummos was assaulted by a masked Israeli settler during a protest against the illegal colonization and expropriation of Palestinian lands in the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood.

A settler assaults the Jerusalemite activist Mohammad Abu al-Hummos and hits him in the face during the weekly protest in Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood against settlements. Photo: Silwanic

In December of 2021, illegal colonists opened live fire towards Palestinian-owned houses in Sheikh Jarrah, before fleeing the area. No injuries were reported.

In November of 2021, Israeli colonizers slit the tires of at least 13 Palestinian-owned vehicles in the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood of occupied East Jerusalem.