An Israeli settler was injured, Wednesday, after a vehicle with unknown assailants opened fire at the vehicle she was in, near the “Al-Hamra” military roadblock in the northern Jordan Valley, according to local sources.

Israeli public broadcaster Kan, reported that one woman was lightly injured by shattered glass after the vehicle she was in was struck with a number of bullets fired from a speeding vehicle.

A separate Israeli source, the Times of Israel reported a different version of the events, stating that a vehicle with Palestinian license plates, and that “the passenger got out and started shooting with an M-16.”

It added that the vehicle sped off in the direction of Nablus, located to the west of the “Al-Hamra” military roadblock.

On Tuesday, a Palestinian young man shot and injured 6 illegal Israeli settlers in the “Ma’ale Adumim” colony east of occupied Jerusalem.

Mohannad Mohammad Suleiman Al-Mazra’a, 20, was shot dead at the scene, instead of being arrested, and later the army invaded his family home and abducted his 2 brothers in “Al-Eizariya” town east of occupied Jerusalem, located adjacent to the settlement.