Israeli soldiers invaded, on Tuesday at dawn, the al-‘Isawiya town in the occupied Palestinian capital, Jerusalem, stormed and ransacked dozens of homes, before abducting fifteen Palestinians, and summoned seven others for interrogation.

The soldiers invaded the town from several directions, before they started breaking into homes and ransacking them, and interrogated many residents.

It is worth mentioning that the town has been subject to ongoing Israeli violations and invasions of homes and property, in addition to the abduction and imprisonment of dozens of its indigenous Palestinian inhabitants, and the illegal demolition of homes and structures.

The abducted Palestinians have been identified as:

  1. Mohammad Ibrahim Obeid.
  2. Mohammad Mobtasim Obeid.
  3. Yazan Bassam Obeid.
  4. Mohammad Na’el Obeid.
  5. Mohammad Wa’el Obeid.
  6. Elias Hasan Obeid.
  7. Mohammad Walid Obeid.
  8. Bashar Ayman Obeid.
  9. Mohammad Aziz Obeid.
  10. Roshdi Bahai Obeid.
  11. Nayef Esmat Obeid.
  12. Mahmoud Sa’adi Rajabi.
  13. Mohammad Ashraf Abu al-Hummus.
  14. Ahmad Haitham Mahmoud.
  15. Ismael Sonnokrot.

The soldiers also summoned seven Palestinians for interrogation; they have been identified as:

  1. Mo’tasem Hamza Obeid.
  2. Hamid Shafiq Obeid.
  3. Mohammad Ayman Obeid.
  4. Mohammad al-Fakhouri.
  5. Mohammad Haitham Mahmoud.
  6. Mohammad ‘Awni Atiya.
  7. Amin Omar Hamed.