On Wednesday at dawn, Israeli soldiers abducted at least thirty-nine Palestinians from their homes in several parts of the occupied West Bank. In addition, Israeli colonizers infiltrated Salfit and wrote racist graffiti on cars and walls.

The Palestinian Prisoners’ Society (PPS) has reported that the soldiers invaded and violently searched dozens of homes across the occupied West Bank, causing damage, in addition to interrogating scores of Palestinians while inspecting their ID cards.

The PPS added that most of the abductions took place in Husan town, west of Bethlehem, south of occupied Jerusalem in the West Bank, where the soldiers abducted sixteen young men, followed by Jenin, where the soldiers abducted twelve Palestinians.

The soldiers also installed many roadblocks across the West Bank before stopping and searching hundreds of cars and interrogated many Palestinians while inspecting their ID cards.

Furthermore, the soldiers invaded the Nabi Saleh village, west of the central West Bank city of Ramallah, and Deir Ghassana village, northwest of the town, leading to protests.

The soldiers also attacked journalists documenting the army’s demolition of stores in Hizma town, northeast of occupied Jerusalem.

In addition, the soldiers invaded Beita town, south of Nablus, leading to protests.

Video By Quds News Network

In Salfit in the central West Bank, illegal Israeli colonizers infiltrated into Iskaka village, east of the city, punctured the tires of eleven Palestinian cars, and wrote racist graffiti on the vehicles in addition to homes and walls.

The Palestinian Prisoners’ Society identified the abducted Palestinians as:

  1. Abdul-Karim Farrah, (lawyer), 40, Doura, Hebron,
  2. Falah Mahmoud Abu Warda, 19, al-Fawwar refugee camp, Hebron,
  3. Salah Abu Warda, al-Fawwar refugee camp, Hebron,
  4. Nidal Qawasmi, Hebron,
  5. Abdul-Rauf Jaghoub, Beita – Nablus,
  6. Husam Eshteyya, Tal – Nablus,
  7. Mahmoud Yousef al-Hayek, Nablus,
  8. Yousef Osama Nasser, Nablus,
  9. Mahmoud Hayek, (former political prisoner), Zeita, Nablus,
  10. Yasser Hammad, (former political prisoner), Qalqilia,
  11. Montaser Ahmad Jaradat, Silat al-Harithiya, Jenin,
  12. Adnan Abdul-Basset Jaradat, Silat al-Harithiya, Jenin,
  13. Jamal Jabarin, Silat al-Harithiya, Jenin,
  14. Mohammad Nabil Zyoud, Silat al-Harithiya, Jenin,
  15. Khattab Shawahna, Silat al-Harithiya, Jenin,
  16. Yousef Shawahna, Silat al-Harithiya, Jenin,
  17. Hani Jaradat, Silat al-Harithiya, Jenin,
  18. Khaled Jaradat, Silat al-Harithiya, Jenin,
  19. Tal’at Jaradat, Silat al-Harithiya, Jenin,
  20. Mousa Zayyoud, Silat al-Harithiya, Jenin,
  21. Adam Hourani, , Silat al-Harithiya, Jenin,
  22. Aseed Shalabi, Silat al-Harithiya, Jenin,
  23. Mosab Zakari Za’oul, Husan, Bethlehem,
  24. Baha Adel Hamamra, Husan, Bethlehem,
  25. Mohammad Adel Za’oul, Husan, Bethlehem,
  26. Laith Mohammad Za’oul, Husan, Bethlehem,
  27. Adel Hamamra, Husan, Bethlehem,
  28. Mazen Zaki Za’oul, Husan, Bethlehem,
  29. Tha’er Mohammad Za’oul, Husan, Bethlehem,
  30. Abdullah Ahmad Za’oul, Husan, Bethlehem,
  31. Anas Tha’er Za’oul, Husan, Bethlehem,
  32. Ahmad Raed Za’oul, Husan, Bethlehem,
  33. Ahmad Mahmoud Za’oul, Husan, Bethlehem,
  34. Ismael Mohammad Za’oul, Husan, Bethlehem,
  35. Ibrahim Hamamra, Husan, Bethlehem,
  36. Mohammad Ibrahim Hamamra, Husan, Bethlehem,
  37. Mohammad Hilmi Hamamra, Husan, Bethlehem,
  38. Nour Mohammad Hamamra, Husan, Bethlehem,
  39. Soheib Majed Azem, al-Jadira village, Jerusalem.