Israeli soldiers invaded, on Tuesday at dawn, the northern West Bank districts of Qalqilia, Nablus, and Jenin, searched homes and kidnapped ten Palestinians.

The Qalqilia office of the Palestinian Prisoners Society (PPS) has reported that the soldiers invaded the city from various directions before storming into homes and searching them.

It added that the soldiers kidnapped seven Palestinians identified as Fares Nazzal, 35, Hindi Mahmoud Zeid, 22, Anas Saleh Farraj, Yousef Qaher Abu Shehab, 22, Amin Abdul-Rahman Abu Sa’sa’, 28, Mosheer Sa’id J’eidi and Sharhabeel Shobaki.

The soldiers also fired many gas bombs and concussion grenades during the invasion; no injuries were reported.

In addition, the soldiers invaded Huwwara town, south of Nablus and kidnapped three Palestinians, identified as Mohammad Nasser al-Huwwari, Mujahid Daoud Odeh and Ahmad Ziyad Khammous.

The soldiers stopped the three Palestinians while driving near Ibn Sina College in Huwwara, allegedly for driving and an unlicensed car, and abducted them.

Also in Nablus, dozens of Israeli colonists, and soldiers, invaded Qabr Yousef (Joseph Tomb), in Nablus, leading to clashes with local youths, who hurled stones and empty bottles on the military vehicles, while the soldiers fired live rounds and rubber-coated steel bullets.

The soldiers also hurled a concussion grenade at a Palestinian car with Israeli license plates, causing it to crash into another vehicle.

In addition, the soldiers invaded Burqin town, south of Jenin, and kidnapped a young man, identified as Mohammad Yousef Khaled Khallouf, 22, after storming his family home and searching it. The family said the soldiers detonated the front door of their property, before invading the property.

Furthermore, the soldiers invaded Qabatia town, and Mothallath ash-Shuhada village, near Jenin, and clashes with local youths who hurled stones on the invading army vehicles.