Israeli soldiers have kidnapped, overnight and at dawn Sunday, at least ten Palestinians, during massive invasions and searches of homes; nine of the kidnapped are from the Old City, and one from Silwan town.

The Israeli Radio said quoted army sources claiming that nine of the kidnapped are suspected of involvement in hurling stones on Israeli police and army vehicles around the Al-Aqsa Mosque, in addition to Silwan town and Bab Al-‘Amoud.

The WAFA Palestinian News Agency said the soldiers also kidnapped photojournalist Amjad ‘Arafa, after storming his home in Ras al-‘Amoud neighborhood in Silwan town, south of the Al-Aqsa Mosque.

WAFA added that ‘Arafa was first ordered to head to a security center for interrogation, on Saturday evening, and was released a few hours later, yet, the army invaded his home and kidnapped him.

The Wadi Hilweh Information Center in Silwan (Silwanic) quoted Palestinian lawyer, Mohammad Mahmoud, stating that the soldiers invaded and searched many homes in Jerusalem’s Old City, and kidnapped six Palestinians.

Mahmoud said the kidnapped have been identified as Ahmad Mohammad Abu Ghazala, 50, Mohammad Yousef Abdul-Ghani, 41, Amjad Mahmoud Abdul-Ghani, 17, Nour Salim Shalabi, 18, Laith Salim Shalabi, 15, and Mohammad Abdul-Samea’ Jaber, 17.

Amjad Abu ‘Assab, the head of Jerusalem Parents Detainees’ Committee, said the soldiers also kidnapped three young men, identified as Shadi Seder, Jihad Salem, and Mamoun Hasheem, from Jerusalem’s Old City.

At least fifty Palestinians have been kidnapped in Jerusalem since the beginning of last week, while the military and police said they intend to conduct more arrests, targeting what they called “Palestinians involved in clashes with the military and the police.”

On Sunday at dawn, the soldiers invaded several districts in the occupied West Bank, broke into and searched many homes, and kidnapped at least eight Palestinians, five of them from the southern West Bank district of Hebron.

On Saturday at night, several Palestinians were injured after a number of extremist Israeli settlers, living in illegal colonies in the northern West Bank district of Nablus, attacked Palestinian cars and hurled stones at them, in areas in the southern and western parts of Nablus.

Also on Saturday at night, the soldiers detained four Palestinian children at a military roadblock that the soldiers installed on the main entrance of their village, Zabbouba, west of the West Bank city of Jenin.

On Saturday evening, the soldiers invaded Doura town, south of Hebron, and clashed with several local youths, before wounding two with live rounds, and many others with rubber-coated steel bullets, while many Palestinians suffered the effects of teargas inhalation.