Israeli soldiers and navy ships opened fire, on Wednesday morning, targeting Palestinian fishing boats, farmers and shepherds, in different parts of the Gaza Strip.

Media sources in Gaza have reported that an Israeli tank fire one shell into a Palestinian agricultural land, east of the Zeitoun neighborhood in Gaza city.

They added that soldiers stationed on military towers in the Nahal Oz base, fired many live rounds at farmers and shepherds east of the Sheja’eyya neighborhood, east of Gaza city.

In addition, navy shops fired many live rounds at fishing boats in the Sudaniyya area, northwest of Gaza City, causing damage, and also forcing the fishers back to shore.

A similar attack targeted many fishing boats near Khan Younis, in the southern part of the coastal region, causing property damage.

The shepherds and farmers had to run out of their own lands, while the fishers sailed back to shore in fear of additional escalation.

The Israeli army and navy carry out frequent attacks against workers, famers and shepherds, especially near border areas, in the northern and eastern parts of the besieged and improvised coastal region, in addition to ongoing attacks against the fishers in Palestinian territorial waters.

The Israeli army said that a shell was fired from Gaza into Sderot in the Negev, and landed near an elementary school.

The shell caused no damage while Israeli sources said a 15-year-old child and an 60-year-old man “were treated for shock.”