The Palestinian Health Ministry has reported that Israeli soldiers shot and seriously injured, on Friday evening, a Palestinian female medic, east of Rafah, in the southern part of the Gaza Strip, during their excessive use of force against the Great Return March in the coastal region.

The Health Ministry said the medic, identified as Shorouq Abu Mosameh, was seriously injured after the soldiers shot her with a live round in the chest, which exited through her back.

She was rushed to the Surgery Room at the Gaza European Hospital, and is currently in very serious condition in the Intensive Care Unit.

The Health Ministry said Israeli soldiers injured, Friday, 180 Palestinians in the Gaza Strip, including 59 who were rushed to hospitals, including a seriously wounded child, 10 years of age; the rest received treatment at field clinics.

In an interview after being injured in a previous Israeli attack while performing her humanitarian duties, Shorouq called for international protection to the medics, who are directly and deliberately targeted by the army while performing their duties in aiding wounded Palestinians during the Great Return March procession in the Gaza Strip.

“My message to the world, and the International Community, is to provide protection to us as medics, and to the journalists facing constant Israeli assaults and violations. I was targeted by the army, although I was wearing a white nurses’ gown,” she said, “This is my message to the world, the army continues to target us, and killed our colleague, medic Razan Najjar,  and journalist Yasser Mortaja. Our message to the world is that we demand our legitimate rights as journalists and medics, to be provided with international protection.”