Israeli troops in night raid (archive image)

In pre-dawn raids on Monday, Israeli forces abducted 11 Palestinians from different parts of the West Bank.

In Jenin, Israeli forces abducted four young men from the town of Rummana, identified as: Rawad Wissam Sbeihat, Ihab Nabil Mahajneh, Jihad Muhammad al-Amour, and Ibrahim Muhammad Shawqi al-Amour. Rummana has been under strict closure, with no one allowed to leave home since Israeli forces invaded the town Thursday claiming that two young men from Rummana were responsible for a terrorist attack in Elad, Israel on Thrsday in which three Israelis were killed.

From Ramallah, Israeli forces abducted the freed prisoner Mahmoud Imad Al-Rimawi (22 years), from Beit Rima, and the young man Nadim Al-Naasan from Al-Mughayyir, after beating him and smashing his vehicle.

From Nablus, Israeli forces abducted Ibrahim Hashash (17 years), Mustafa Quneis (20 years), from the Jawad area in Beit Jala, and Adnan Shamasneh from Qatana, northwest of Jerusalem.

From Hebron, Israeli forces abducted the 16-year-old boy from Al-Fawwar refugee camp, Islam Hassan Al-Ra’i, and from Salfit District, Saher Ammar Mar’i from Qarawat Bani Hassan.