Israeli soldiers engaging in night raid (archive image)

In their daily pre-dawn raids throughout the West Bank, Israeli forces abducted 12 Palestinian civilians.

In Ramallah, Israeli forces abducted two boys after one of them was injured at the entrance to Deir Nizam village, northwest of Ramallah.

Local sources reported that the Israeli occupation forces shot the two boys while they were at the entrance to the village, which resulted in the injury of one of them to a live bullet in the thigh, before they were taken by the soldiers.

The occupation forces also abducted two young men, Mohammad Darwish Ata, and Abdel-Rahman Fathi Al-Barghouthi, after they raided their homes in the village of Deir Abu Mishaal, northwest of Ramallah.

In addition, Israeli troops abducted the young Zia Mishaal Al-Barghouthi from the town of Kober, and handed over three young men from the town of Abu Shkhidem, in order to interrogate them.

The soldiers also abducted the young man, Mohammad Essam Hamad, from the village of Umm Safa, northwest of Ramallah.

In Jenin on Wednesday before dawn, Israeli forces abducted six young men: Mohammad Musa Ajawi, Youssef Nasser Salah Al-Din, Muhammad Zuhair Balawi, Ahmad Asaad Nabhan, and Imad Ghassan Habb al-Reeh, after they raided their homes in the city of Jenin, and abducted the young Tawfiq Murad from Jenin camp.