Night raid (archive image)

In a pre-dawn raid on Saturday, Israeli troops invaded the city of Jenin and the village of Rumaneh in the Jenin district, abducting two Palestinian civilians.

Local sources indicated to The Palestiian news agency “Wafa”, that the occupation forces arrested the citizens: Nizar Mustafa Jarban from Rumaneh, and Bakr Amin Abu Bakr from the city of Jenin, when they were near the Salem camp west of the city.

This comes the same night that the Israeli occupation forces delivered summons’ to eight youths from the town of Al-Issawiya, northeast of occupied Jerusalem, claiming that the youth had violated the ‘house arrest’ orders that had been previously issued to them by the Israeli military authorities that rule the Palestinian citizenry in the West Bank.

The military government rules every aspect of life for Palestinians in the West Ban and Jerusalem, and there is no civilian government that has any authority to counter the Israeli military government.

Night raids happen on a nightly basis, with Israeli troops invading various parts of the West Bank and abducting Palestinians from their beds as they are sleeping.