Various military analysts of the Israeli TV said, on Wednesday at night, that the current deterioration, and escalation, on the Gaza border is serious, but will unlikely lead to a full-blown war, and added that both Israel and Hamas are not interested in a new war.

They stated that what happened is an attempt by Hamas to prevent the Israeli army from uncovering, and destroying tunnels, in the border area.

A military analyst with Israel’s Channel 2 said the current tension could last for three days, the time period the army requires to search for tunnels.

|While Factions Call For De-escalation, Tension On Gaza Border Warns Of An Impending War|

In addition, an Israeli military spokesperson said the shelling on Gaza was conducted by unmanned drones, and targeted Hamas sites, in the southern part of the coastal region.

He added that Israel views Hamas’ underground activities (tunnels), as a breach of the ceasefire agreement, and considers Hamas a “terrorist organization, responsible for terrorist attacks.”

|Shells Fired Across The Border Fence In Southern Gaza|

The spokesperson added that “Israel will continue to retaliate, with the needed force, until destroying all tunnels,” and stated that “calm, and avoiding escalation, is a joint interest for both Tel Aviv and Hamas.”