The Palestinian Journalists Syndicate (PJS) and the Ministry of Information denounced, in two separate press releases, on Saturday, treatment by Israeli security forces of Palestinian journalists doing their work in the field.

The two organizations accused Israeli security of intentionally targeting Palestinian journalists, some of whom were hit by rubber-coated metal bullets or tear gas canisters.

They said WAFA photographers Afif Amira was shot by such a bullet, in the chest, while covering the Jerusalem clashes, and Mashhour Wahwah was hit by a concussion bomb, in his foot, while covering the clashes in Hebron.

Ma’an reporter Mirna Atrash was intentionally hit by a stun grenade, in the face, during her coverage of the clashes at Bethlehem’s northern outskirts. Photojournalist Sinan Abu Meizar was hit, in the head, by a rubber-coated metal bullet.

TV crews were also prevented from covering some events and were either held or forced to leave the premise, according to WAFA.

The PJS and the Ministry of Information called on the International Federation of Journalists to intervene in protecting Palestinian journalists from Israeli assaults, and to defend their right to cover events freely.

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