On Saturday, the Palestinian Education Minister, Sabri Saidam, stated that the Palestinian Ministerial Council has made a strategic decision to employ renewable energy utilities on the rooftops of all schools and higher education facilities, to advance clean and renewable energy.

He stated that the “Palestine Investment Fund” has been chosen as the developer of this project, in direct cooperation with the Palestinian Energy and National Resources Authority (PENRA), to allow productive competitions between the companies that work in this field in Palestine.

Saidam, who described the decision as historic, said it paves the road for a new era of renewable energy in Palestine, and thanked Prime Minister Rami Hamdallah, the Palestine Investment Fund, the Palestinian Energy and National Resources Authority and all partners in this project.

“We are proud that our educational facilities will be the pioneers in using renewable energy in Palestine, especially since this decision will pave the road for advancements in this field,” he said, “This decision does not only include the use of renewable energy in schools, but in every educational facility and institution.”

It is worth mentioning that the Education Ministry has already started using renewable energy in its main building, and in a few educational facilities.