Middle East Eye quotes Yousef Munayyer, USCPR executive director, in an article covering the responses of Palestinian advocates to H. Res. 246, a non-binding resolution that condemns BDS and is intended to chill speech for Palestinian rights. H. Res. 246 passed the House of Representatives on July 23, with 398 votes for the resolution, 17 against, and 17 abstentions.

Yousef Munayyer, executive director of the US Campaign for Palestinian Rights (USCPR), rebuked US lawmakers for passing the resolution “as Israel commits war crimes against Palestinians and their soldiers laugh & pose with civilian homes they destroyed”.

Munayyer was referring to the Israeli destruction of nearly a dozen buildings in the Palestinian village of Sur Bahir earlier this week. Those demolitions were widely condemned, with rights groups accusing Israel of committing a war crime.

“What they don’t get is, this is precisely why civil society boycotts continue to grow; the abject failure of govt to hold Israel accountable,” Munayyer wrote on Twitter.

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