The Palestinian Authority’s (PA) Governorate for the internationally-recognized occupied East Jerusalem, issued a warning, Saturday, for Palestinian residents of East Jerusalem, against buying Jewish-owned property during the Passover holidays.

The governorate’s statement, ahead of the Jewish holiday of Passover, came in the context of the rapidly-spreading coronavirus, in many Israeli areas.

The governorate warned Palestinian residents of East Jerusalem against buying Jewish-owned property. Passover’s rituals include selling old property and replacing the old with the new, according to the statement.

In his statement, PA’s governor of East Jerusalem, Mr. Adnan Gheith, said that all Palestinian inhabitants are strongly advised not to purchase properties, such as furniture or clothes from Israelis for the time being.

The statement explained that buying such properties could bring health risks, as the spread of Coronavirus, which has so far left around 5,000 Israelis affected and caused the death of dozens of others.

According to health warnings issued by local and international health bodies, the Coronavirus, known as COVID-19, is highly infectious and can be spread by contact with surfaces, including furniture.

Recently, Israeli media has reported that religious communities, inside Israel, have recorded the highest rates of Coronavirus cases.