The Palestinian Journalists Forum denounced the recent escalation in Israel’s egregious violations of international law, against them in the West Bank.

Israeli forces detained, in the early hours of Monday, Al-Aqsa channel correspondents Alaa Tetti, from northern Hebron, and Ameer Abu A’raam, from Birzeit, after breaking into and ransacking their homes.

Al Ray Palestinian Media Agency notes that Alaa Tetti was subjected, several times, to detention in Israeli prisons. Ofar Israeli military court sentenced journalist Mustafa Khawaja to eight months in jail, in addition to imposing a $900 fine.

Israeli soldiers assaulted journalist Rae’d Abu Rmeelah in the wake of a Sunday raid in Hebron, while abducting journalist Mohammed Awad.

The Palestinian Journalists Seminar underscored the right of Palestinian journalists to cover the events and show the truth despite Israel’s illegal practices.

It also called upon international human bodies and activists to shoulder responsibility in providing protection for journalists and mass media in the Palestinian territories.

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