The office of Prime Minister Rami Hamdallah condemned, on Thursday, the adopting of the so-called ‘Jewish Nation- State’ law by the right-wing Israeli government, which strips Arabic of its designation as an official language, downgrading it to a “special status”.

The racist law sees the development of Jewish settlement as a step to encourage and promote its establishment and consolidation. It also states that unified Jerusalem is Israel’s capital.

“This controversial law is another attempt to obliterate the Arab-Palestinian identity and institutionalize and legitimize Apartheid policies rather than promoting peace,” Prime Minister Hamdallah stated, according to WAFA.

The newly adopted law will affect 1.8 million Palestinians holding the Israeli citizenship, 2.8 million Palestinians living in the West Bank – surrounded by 700,000 Israeli settlers – and 1.9 million Palestinians living under the Israeli military siege in the Gaza Strip.

“Palestinians will be stripped from their political, legal and cultural recognition in their own land,” Hamdallah added.

The Israeli Apartheid law designates Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, the occupying power, which clearly encourages colonial activities in the occupied lands. This comes to violate all international laws, signed agreements, and United Nations resolutions guarding the Palestinian rights.

“This is the last nail in the coffin of the two- state solution,” Hamdallah remarked.

The Prime Minister called upon the international community to “act quickly, stop this apartheid law, and hold Israel accountable for legalizing its crimes against humanity.”

“Israel, the Occupying Power is threatening all international and humanitarian values, principles, and laws of security and peace,” Hamdallah concluded.

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