A draft United Nations Security Council resolution condemns Israel’s plan to annex the settlements it has built illegally on occupied Palestinian territories, in a rebuke of a US-devised “peace plan” that endorses the Israeli land theft of Palestinian-owned property.

The draft, which was reported on by Reuters, on Tuesday, has been drawn up by Palestinians and circulated to council members by Tunisia and Indonesia, the Palestine News Network reported.

The resolution “stresses the illegality of the annexation of any part” of the occupied Palestinian territories and “condemns recent statements calling for annexation by Israel” of these territories.

The draft “strongly regrets” that the Trump plan “breaches international law” and UN resolutions.

The deal also “undermines the inalienable rights and national aspirations of the Palestinian people, including [the rights] to self-determination and independence,” the draft says.

The resolution stresses the need for an acceleration of international and regional efforts to launch “credible negotiations on all final status issues in the Middle East peace process without exception.”