The leftist Palestinian People’s Party (PPP) issued a statement, Wednesday, strongly denouncing the Israeli military invasions into various Palestinian media outlets, violent searches and the orders to shut them down, and described them as “state-sponsored terrorism.”

In its statement, the PPP said that the outrageous and violent invasions into the media outlets in Ramallah, Hebron, Nablus and Bethlehem, are just another Israeli round of escalation, part of the ongoing efforts to silence the media in occupied Palestine.

“What is happening is criminal; the Israeli violations and military oppression are carried out with the sole purpose of trying to bury the truth, and to hide the ongoing crimes,” the PPS stated, “This is state-sponsored terrorism, and a direct violation of International Law, including the Freedom of the Press.”

The PPS saluted the Palestinian journalists, and all media outlets operating in occupied Palestine, and facing escalating Israeli aggression and violations, but remain determined to expose the criminal nature of the occupation.