On Wednesday, a lawyer with the Palestinian Prisoners’ Society (PPS) said that he, or any other lawyer, have been denied the right to visit with a wounded and detained Palestinian, who was abducted, along with his son, on December 13th, 2018, after the soldiers repeatedly assaulted them.

The Lawyer, Ma’moun Abu Hashem, said that the Palestinian, identified as Ziad Mohammad Shalalda, 45, from Abu Shkeidim village, northwest of the central West Bank city of Ramallah, was rushed to Shaare Zedek Israeli Medical Center, after being severely beaten by the soldiers who abducted him.

Abu Hashem added that Shalalda has been denied the right to speak with a lawyer since his abduction and hospitalization, and that his current health condition remains unknown.

He stated that the PPS is conducting all needed measures and legal proceedings in order to be able to visit with the detained and wounded man.

It is worth mentioning that Shalalda was taken prisoner, along with his son Mahmoud, 21, after dozens of soldiers invaded Abu Shkheidim, and abducted Assem Barghouthi, who is believed to be behind the fatal shooting attack that led to the death of two Israeli soldiers, on December 13th 2018.

Lawyer Ma’moun Hasheem with the PPS said that he managed to visit with the detained son, Mahmoud, who stated that the soldiers stormed their home on December 8th 2018, after the army invaded Abu Shkheidim and Kobar villages, and detained his entire family of eleven in a small tent.

He added that his father was moved to another tent, where the soldiers constantly interrogated him while beating him up.

Mahmoud added that the soldiers then abduct him and his father, after handcuffing them, and later handed them to another military unit, before the soldiers of that unit assaulted them for more than 40 minutes while hurling insults at them.

He stated that his father was bleeding and was left on the ground for more than two hours without any medical attention.

Mahmoud said that he and his father were later moved to Shaare Zedek medical center, before the soldiers separated them from each other.

After visiting with Mahmoud, the lawyer said that he saw clearly visible marks of torture, including bruises and lacerations, and could see from the blue color of the skin that there was bruising underneath.

Ziad remains at Shaare Zedek Medical Center, and is still denied the right to talk to his lawyer, while his son was ordered under further interrogation for eight more days.