Updated: Israeli soldiers abducted, on Friday at dawn, at least 48 Palestinians, including a woman, who is also a former political prisoner, in addition to two elected legislators, the Palestinian Prisoners’ Society (PPS) has reported.

The soldiers invaded dozens of communities across the occupied West Bank, including East Jerusalem, before storming and ransacking homes, causing excessive property damage.

Many of the abducted Palestinians are former political prisoners, including one woman, Sabah Far’un, in addition to one journalist, the PPS stated.

The soldiers also installed roadblocks across the occupied West Bank, and imposed tight closures of siege in various communities, before stopping and searching dozens of cars, and interrogated the residents while inspecting their ID cards.

The PPS has confirmed that the soldiers have abducted at least 100 Palestinian from several parts of the occupied West Bank, including Jerusalem, since Thursday at dawn.

The PPS identified Palestinians, abducted on Friday at dawn as:

  1. Sabah Far’un, (former political prisoner), al-‘Ezariyya – Jerusalem.
  2. Mohammad Mteir, Qalandia refugee camp – Jerusalem.
  3. Shadi al-Hanash, Abu Dis – Jerusalem.
  4. Shukri al-Hanash, Abu Dis Jerusalem,
  5. ‘Arin Za’anin, Jerusalem.
  6. Nour Shalabi, Jerusalem.
  7. Rawhi al-Kilghassi, Jerusalem.
  8. Ahmad Jaber, Jerusalem.
  9. Yasser Mansour, (legislator), Nablus.
  10. Mustafa Shonnar, Nablus.
  11. Abdul-Karim Halabi, Nablus.
  12. Mohammad Zaher Qet, Madama – Nablus.
  13. Yousef Dweikat, Nablus.
  14. Samer Hamayel, Beita – Nablus.
  15. Ahmad Najib Mafarja, (former political prisoner), Beit Liqya – Ramallah.
  16. Moath Dahadha, al-Masayef – Ramallah.
  17. Mohammad al-Qadi – Ramallah.
  18. Ahmad Najib Mafarja, Ramallah.
  19. Mousa Salah (Journalist), Ramallah.
  20. Mohammad Hashayka, Ramallah.
  21. Osama Taher Rimawi, 15, Ramallah.
  22. Mohammad Ismael at-Till, (legislator), ath-Thaheriyya – Hebron.
  23. Amjad Abdul-Razeq Rajabi, Hebron.
  24. Mohammad Abu Omar, Hebron.
  25. Mo’taz Abu Zeina, Hebron.
  26. Sa’id Asafra, Beit Kahil – Hebron.
  27. Bilal Salim Salhab, (former political prisoner), Hebron.
  28. Hasan Jamal Natsha, (former political prisoner), Hebron.
  29. Ma’moun Hussein Natsha, Hebron.
  30. Mohammad Hussein Natsha, Hebron.
  31. Mazen Natsha, Hebron.
  32. Moath Abu Jheisha, (former political prisoner), Ethna – Hebron.
  33. Motawakkel Abu Jheisha, (former political prisoner), Ethna – Hebron.
  34. Ra’fat Raed Abu Jheisha, (former political prisoner), Ethna – Hebron.
  35. Rauf Raed Abu Jheisha, (former political prisoner), Ethna – Hebron.
  36. Yasser Khaled Najjar, Yatta – Hebron.
  37. Mohammad Jouda Omar, Hebron.
  38. Bader Mreish, Hebron.
  39. Yassin Bodeir, Aida refugee camp – Bethlehem.
  40. Jamal Radi, Aida refugee camp – Bethlehem.
  41. Hamza Abu Srour, Aida refugee camp – Bethlehem.
  42. Mohammad Omar Badawna, Aida refugee camp – Bethlehem.
  43. Ja’far ‘Orooj, Janata – Bethlehem.
  44. Issa Mustafa ‘Orooj, Janata – Bethlehem.
  45. Mohammad Atallah, Harmala – Bethlehem.
  46. Ibrahim al-Adawein, al-Azza refugee camp – Bethlehem.
  47. Yahia Sa’ada, Bethlehem.
  48. Odai Abu Mfarreh, Teqoua’ – Bethlehem.
  • First Published on: Dec 14, 2018 @ 09:31