The Rafah crossing between Gaza and Egypt opened on Saturday, for the first time under the supervision of the Palestinian Authority (PA), which took control of the crossing on Wednesday, after 10 years of Hamas rule.

Egypt decided to open the crossing for three days, starting Saturday, and for humanitarian cases that include students, holders of residency permits in other countries, and the ill seeking treatment outside Gaza.

The crossing was supposed to open around the clock as of November 15, as per the Fateh-Hamas reconciliation agreement. However, due to special circumstances in Egypt and the Sinai, in particular, the opening was delayed.

Constant reopening of the crossing is also contingent on the presence of a European Union crew, as required in the 2005 movement and access agreement.

WAFA correspondence said that PA staff present at the crossing handled the number of travelers who had previously registered with the interior ministry to travel to Egypt, while at the same time admitted travelers into the Gaza Strip.

Travelers expressed hope that the crossing will remain open all the time.