The National Gathering of Martyrs’ Families has stated in its annual report for the year 2018 that Israeli soldiers have killed 312 Palestinians, including women and children, and added that this number is four times higher than the year 2017.

Mohammad Sbeihat, the Secretary-General of the Gathering, has reported that Israel and its occupation forces are encouraged by the silence of the international community, and expressed its support of the calls of Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas to prosecute Israel in international courts for its escalating crimes and violations.

Sbeihat added that the Gathering has thoroughly documented the Israeli violations in all governorates during the year, including reports from various human rights organizations.

The documentations reveal the following:  

  1. The number of Palestinians who were killed by Israeli army fire in 2018 is 312, including 310 who were shot with live ammunition, and two who died from the severe effects of teargas inhalation.
  1. 271 Palestinians were killed in several parts of the Gaza Strip.
  1. 42 Palestinians were killed in the West Bank.
  1. Six of the slain Palestinians are females.
  1. 306 of the slain Palestinians are males.
  1. The youngster slain Palestinians is Laila al-Ghandour, only eight months of age, and the oldest is Ibrahim Ahmad al-‘Arrouqi, 74.
  1. Fifty-seven of the slain Palestinians in 2018 are children (below the age of 18).
  1. Approximately one Palestinian was killed every 28 hours, which means that, comparing to the year 2017, the average is four times higher, as Israel killed 74 Palestinians.
  1. The month that witnessed the highest numbers of deaths by Israeli fire was May, as the soldiers have killed 89 Palestinians.
  1. The Average age of the slain Palestinians was 24.
  1. The number of married Palestinians killed by the army is 107, 104 of them were males and 3 females.
  1. Israel is still holding the corpses of twenty Palestinians who were killed in 2018. This is added to 38 corpses of Palestinians killed by the army in 2015 and remain held by Israel.
  1. The total number of corpses of slain Palestinians held by Israel since the year 1965 is 284.
  1. Israeli forces have killed 145 Palestinians in 2015.
  1. Israeli forces have killed 127 Palestinians in 2016.
  1. Israeli forces have killed 74 Palestinians in 2017.
  1. Israeli forces have killed 312 Palestinians in 2018.