Dozens of Israeli settlers, on Sunday erected tents on Palestinian land located to the east of the town of Idhna, south of Hebron, chased Palestinian shepherds out and prevented them from grazing their livestock in the area, according to local sources.

Sources told WAFA correspondence that settlers erected three tents on Palestinian land, located near the Israeli settlement of Adora and built illegally on Palestinian land, where they performed Talmudic rituals to celebrate the Jewish holiday.

Ali ‘Ajajneh, one of the town locals living in the area, in tents and tin houses for the past 35 years, said settlers perform religious rituals in the area each year, during the Jewish holidays, and prevent shepherds from grazing their livestock as well as deny them access to a water spring in the area, all under the protection of Israeli army.

According to B’Tselem, the Israeli Information Center for Human Rights in the Occupied Territories: Since 1967, Israel has established over a hundred settlements in the West Bank.

“These settlements were established on vast tracts of land taken from the Palestinians, in breach of international humanitarian law.”

“The very existence of the settlements violates Palestinian human rights, including the right to property, equality, a decent standard of living and freedom of movement. Israel’s dramatic alteration of the West Bank map has precluded realization of Palestinians’ right to self-determination in a viable Palestinian state,” the center maintained.

B’Tselem stressed, “As the occupying force, Israel must protect the Palestinians in the West Bank. However, the Israeli authorities neglect to fulfill this responsibility and do not do enough to prevent Israeli civilians from attacking Palestinians, their property and their lands.”

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