Israeli soldiers abducted, earlier Sunday, four Palestinians, including one child, after several army jeeps invaded Beit Ummar town, north of the southern West Bank city of Hebron, and ransacked many homes. The soldiers also assaulted a woman while abducting her husband.

Nonviolent activist Mohammad Awad, said the soldiers invaded the ath-Thaher and Safa areas, in Beit Ummar, before breaking into and violently searching many homes, and interrogated several Palestinians while inspecting their ID cards.

Awad added that the soldiers abducted a child, Hasan at-Teet, 16, in addition to three former political prisoners, identified as Saif Kassab Abu Dayya, 24, Abdul-Hamid Aby Mariya, 22, and Hassan Adam Ekhlayyel, 21, before moving to Etzion detention and interrogation facility, north of Hebron.

It is worth mentioning that while the soldiers were ransacking the home of Abu Dayya and violently searching it, the soldiers attacked him wife, Alaa’ Ekhlayyel, causing various cuts and bruises.