Israeli soldiers invaded, Monday, the al-Walaja village, northwest of Bethlehem city, south of occupied East Jerusalem in the West Bank, before photographing a home, and barns, in preparation for demolishing them.

Local nonviolent activist Ibrahim Awadallah stated that a large army force invaded Khallet as-Samak area, in the center of al-Walaja, before photographing a home and barns, owned by Majdi Hamdan.

Awadallah added that, nearly two months ago, the soldiers invaded the area and handed Hamdan a military order targeting his property, under the pretext of being built without the “Civil Administration Office,” the administrative branch of Israel’s illegal occupation of Palestine.

In related news, the soldiers invaded the al-Khader town, south of Bethlehem, and handed warrants ordering the Palestinians to stop the construction of three homes, for “being built without a permit from the Civil Administration,” although they were licensed by the Local Council.

The homes, one-story building each, are owned and inhabited by Yousef Abed Mousa, Ali Salim Mousa, and his son Ahmad, but still need more work.

It is worth mentioning that the home of Ali Salim Mousa was demolished five times in the last few years, but his family has no other alternative but to build and seek shelter on their own land.

While Israel continues to demolish Palestinian homes, uproot lands, and issue destruction orders targeting homes and property, it constantly advances plans for the construction and expansion of its illegal colonies, built on Palestinian lands in the West Bank, including the occupied capital Jerusalem.

Illegal Israeli colonists also continue to uproot lands, flood them with wastewater, in addition to the constant violations and assaults against the farmers, especially during the olive harvest season, in addition to attacking homes and other Palestinian property.

On Monday, an indigenous Palestinian family from occupied Jerusalem, survived a shooting attack carried out by an illegal Israeli colonist, while driving to their home in Jabal al-Mokabber, in the city.

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