A Palestinian resident of the Jabal al Mukabbir neighborhood, in East Jerusalem, tore down his home after he received a demolition order from the Israeli authorities, said a local official.

Fateh movement’s secretary general in Jabal al-Mukabbir, Iyad Bashir, told WAFA that Sultan Bashir got the demolition order for his 50-square-meter house a month ago, under the pretext of proximity to the US embassy, which is illegally located in Jerusalem.

#القدس: بلدية الاحتلال تجبر مواطنا على هدم منزله في بلدة جبل المكبر

#القدس: بلدية الاحتلال تجبر المواطن سلطان بشير على هدم منزله في بلدة جبل المكبر

Posted by ‎وكالة وفا – WAFA News Agency‎ on Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Bashir was forced to demolish his own house to avoid paying exorbitant costs, should the Israeli West Jerusalem municipality have to carry out the task.