Ramallah December 21, 2021 (WAFA) – Member of the Executive Committee of the Liberation Organization, Head of the Department of Human Rights and Civil Society Ahmed Al-Tamimi called on the international community to stand up to its obligations, and to apply the law and international legitimacy to hold the Israeli occupation and settlers accountable for their crimes against our Palestinian people.

In a statement, Al-Tamimi held the occupation government fully responsible for the settlers’ crimes against the Palestinians, and the attacks on male and female prisoners in prisons.

He said, “The recent series of attacks against our people, and the assault on female prisoners in Ramon prison and the rest of the prisons, comes in accordance with a systematic plan implemented by the occupation government, which is a government of criminal settler gangs, and therefore it bears full responsibility for all violations and violations committed human rights in the occupied territories.

He continued, “Continuing inaction and the international community’s turning a blind eye to what is happening in Palestine means giving the green light to the occupation, but more than that, it means partnering with it in this crime.”

Al-Tamimi stressed, “This approach only pushes the Palestinians to adopt equivalent options to confront this crime and these armed gangs, which are protected by the cover of the occupation government, which threatens to deteriorate the situation on the ground.”