Several world leaders have denounced the Israeli assault and repression used against the Palestinian Muslim worshipers visiting the sacred Al-Aqsa mosque in occupied East Jerusalem.

The Pakistan Foreign Ministry, on Monday, released the following statement, according to the Anadolu Agency;

“Pakistan steadfastly supports the Palestinian people’s inalienable right to self-determination. For just and lasting peace, it is imperative to have a two-state solution in accordance with the relevant United Nations and OIC resolutions, with the pre-1967 borders, and Jerusalem as the capital of a viable, independent and contiguous Palestinian State.”

In addition, the Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, on Monday, appealed to the Israeli occupation authorities to safeguard the Palestinian civilians from the attacks by illegal Israeli settlers, the Palestinian Information Center reported.

Regarding the actions of the Israeli army and illegal settlers, the ministry released the following press statement;

“The provocative actions carried out by racist groups, who are living in illegal settlements in the Occupied Palestinian territories, in front of the Bab al-Amud in the Old City of Jerusalem are dangerous and worrying.”

The Jerusalem (Quds) Press, on Monday, reported that the Jordanian monarch, King Abdullah II expressed in a statement, his condemnation of the Israeli assaults against Jerusalemites during the holy month of Ramadan, confirming his support for the steadfastness of the Palestinian people.

~ Jerusalem (Quds) Press, PIC, Anadolu

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