Palestine News Network (PNN) online website reported that approximately at 10:30 on Wednesday morning the ‘Peace Cycle’ started cycling from the city of Al-Affoula heading towards the city of Jenin in the north of the West Bank.

The original plan was to cycle from Nazareth to Jenin but the Israeli police declared before the participants arrived to the area that it will not allow them to Cycle from Nazareth to Jenin, therefore they decide to cycle from Al-Affoula.

It is worth mentioning that the peace cycle arrived to the area on Tuesday after cycling through Europe for six weeks starting from London on 12 August, throughout Europe, and Athens, Greece until Jordan, and then headed towards the city of Nazareth.

The Peace Cycle Group includes 30 Arab and European bicyclers, who are cycling in solidarity with the Palestinian people, the participants are from the United Kingdom, Sweden, France, and the United States including Arabs living in the EU countries and the United States.

The Palestinian program will include cycling in Jenin, Nablus, Abu Dis, and Bethlehem.

The main aim of the cycling for peace campaign is to increase awareness concerning the Middle East Conflict and spread the “Culture of Peace” hoping that it prevails in the region.

One of the participants, who is from an Arab Origin, said, “What we are doing now might not be important or significant to you, but it means a lot to us, it is the least we can do for you and your daily suffering under occupation, we cycled through many countries to reach here and stand with you in solidarity for peace”.

The Peace Cycle will cycle through Al-Affoula until Jenin, in the north of the West Bank, and then will cycle for a whole week from Jenin to Bethlehem.

After Bethlehem the participants intend to cycle to Jerusalem on September 28th, which marks the fourth year Al Aqsa Intifada.

It is worth mentioning that The Peace Cycle arrived in Jordan Sunday via Queen Alia Airport in Amman.