In a conference held in the city of Nazareth on Thursday night, the local Roman Orthodox denomination accused Patriarch Irinuis I of selling church properties to the Jewish Agency and of stealing church money, demanding his resignation and the nullifying of the suspicious deal.

‘The one who helps Israel eliminate the Arab character of Jerusalem does not deserve to be a patriarch’ a statement issued at the end of the convention stated.

Orthodox Church leaders, political leaders, representatives of the Greek embassy and members of the Roman Orthodox denomination joined the conference.

MK Azmi Bishara called on Jordan and the Palestinian Authority to take practical steps against the Patriarch, saying that no one should stay silent as ‘land in Palestine is not a property, but a homeland’

Slogans displayed in the conference room included one saying ‘the church of the holy sepulcher is in danger’

For the first time since the East Jerusalem property deal scandal, Archimandrite Attalah Hanna, the former spokesperson of the Roman Orthodox patriarchate called the patriarch ‘a traitor’    

‘Confidence is given to decent people, not to the corrupt and the traitor.’ Hanna said.

Addressing the Patriarch, Hanna said: ‘We will not walk under the leadership of the one who helps Israel take over Jerusalem, you don’t deserve to be a Patriarch, and you should be fired and trialed’ 

In the past few weeks, a deal in which the patriarch has sold major properties, worth $135 million, to Jewish investors, became known after his newly appointed treasurer fled the country.

Against revealed documents, and statements made by his treasurer confirming that the deal was blessed by the Patriarch, Irinous I has so far denied involvement in the ‘viscous’ deal.