Tali Fahima, an Israeli woman under arrest on suspicion of helping plan a terror attack, will be placed in administrative detention for four months, security officials decided Sunday.

Fahima’s attorney, Smadar Ben-Natan, said she will appeal the decision, which she called an unprecedented scandal, Israel Radio reported.

The administrative detention orders were signed Sunday morning by Defense Minister Shaul Mofaz and the head of the Home Front Command, Major General Yair Naveh.

Fahima, a left-wing activist known as the former girlfriend of Zakariya Zubeidi, the Al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigade chief in Jenin, was arrested last month after officials received intelligence on her alleged involvement in planning a terrorist attack.

Israeli Army and security officials have been disputing the idea of using administrative detention against extreme right wing Jewish groups who were suspected of planning attacks against Palestinians and Israeli officials.

So far no extreme right wing activist was placed under administrative detention.

More than 1000 Palestinians are sitting in jails placed under administrative detention.

The British mandate in origin law allows the authority to arrest persons for a maximum period of six months period, which is possible to renew, without the need for proper legal procedures.