Palestinian Housing Minister Mohammed Shteiah expressed Saturday hopes that Israel demolish settlers’ homes and clean the resulting rubble, to help the PA replace them with high rise buildings as a way to solve the chronic housing problem in the overcrowded Palestinian strip.

‘We hope Israel will destroy settlers’ homes. If Israel wants to keep intact settlements’ infrastructures, we would welcome such a step’ Shteiah told Reuters.

The minister explained that settlers’ villas are not suitable for Palestinians.

‘What concerns us right now is economical development and prosperity in the Gaza Strip. Keeping settlers’ homes is by no means useful’ Shteiah added.

The minister also said that the PA has not yet developed a concrete plan for the proper usage of evacuated land, but hinted that all evacuated territories would be under the control of the Palestinian Authority.

The minister said that a preliminary plan to privatize the major greenhouse in the Gaza Strip settlements is being considered.