Member of the PLO executive committee Yasser Abed Rabbo warned that Israel seeks to obstruct the Palestinian legislative elections slated for July 17.

The statements of Abed-Rabbu came during his meeting with the Russian envoy to the peace process Alexander Kalugin.

Abed-Rabbu informed Kalugin of the difficulties the P.A is facing while preparing for the elections, taking in consideration that the elections are scheduled to take place at the same time as the Israeli unilateral ‘withdrawal’.

Also, abed-Rabbu told reporters that he discussed the vagueness which surrounds the Israeli withdrawal plan, saying that “it is not clear if the withdrawal will be complete with full Palestinian control over the borders, crossings, and seaport, or just a formality”.

“The withdrawal, according to the Israeli vision, will transform Gaza into a big prison, especially when Israeli keeps its control over the border crossings and block our borders with Egypt”, Abed-Rabbu added.

Abed-Rabbu also described the call of the US president George Bush for Israel to halt its settlement activities as insufficient since its lacks the “means to insure that Israel will not expand the existing settlement”.

Kalugin and Abed-Rabbo discussed arrangements of the upcoming visit of the Russian President Vladimir Putin to the Palestinian territories on April 29.

“This visit will be a good opportunity for President Putin to see the difficult situations which the Palestinian people are facing, and to conduct a constructive dialogue with the Palestinian leadership”, Abed-Rabbu.