Settlers in Ganim and Kadim settlements in the
northern West Bank expressed readiness to leave move en masse to Afula
if they get a good compensation.

They told Yonatan Bassi, head of the Disengagement Administration to
work toward amending the Evacuation Compensation Law so that evacuated
settlers who choose to move to Afula would be entitled to a $30,000
grant, which will be given to those settlers who move to the Negev or

The Disengagement Administration (known by its Hebrew acronym Sela),
confirmed Monday that it had received such a request from settlers,
according to Israeli sources.

The sources also said that Bassi had ‘warmly’ welcomed the idea and
recommended to Israeli officials that they amend the compensation law

Israeli justice ministry source said the ministry is considering adding
Afula to the list of places where evacuated settlers would be entitled
to, in addition to Galilee and Negev.

An organization of some 100 lawyers representing Gush Katif residents,
call themselves, ‘The Legal Forum for the Land of Israel’ have tried to
lobby MKs to introduce a number of amendments to the law as private
members bills.

The government, however, is looking into one amendment only, which is concerning Afula, according to the source.