A Palestinian security source reported that two Palestinians detained at a Palestinian prison in Tulkarem managed to escape on Friday.

The two residents were held on suspicions of connections with the Tel Aviv Stage night club bombing in Tel Aviv on February 25, 2005.

Shafik Abdul-Ghani and Ahmad Zaki, members of the Islamic Jihad movement were both arrested shortly after the bombing.

According to an Israeli security source, the two members were arrested by the P.A security which was “aided by the Israeli intelligence”, according to the source.

P.A security officials said that they are conducting manhunt to locate and arrest the two detainees, and that the security will also probe incidents “which allowed the escape to happen”.

The P.A resumed its security control over Tulkarem last month after the Israeli withdrew from the city.

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas strongly condemned the Tel Aviv bombing when he announced ceasefire during his summit with Sharon February 8, 2005.