Israeli troops operating near the West Bank city of
Ramallah on Friday have arrested a Palestinian, they suspected of
volunteering to perform a suicide bombing, Israel Radio reported.

The Radio reported the name of the man as Jilad Duman, and claimed to
be an activist in the Islamic Jihad group, was caught in the village of
Dir el Kades. Israeli military sources said the man had been involved
in the past in a shooting attack on Israelis.

In a separate incident, Israeli soldiers attempted to arrest the two
fighters of the Al-Aqsa brigades in Balata refugee camp in Nablus, Ala
Sanaqra and Ahmad Abu Saltah, on Friday morning.

A local source in the camp said that soldiers surrounded a house in the
Schools Street, west of the camp, for three hours, fired rounds of live
ammunition at the building and attempted to break into it; the fighters
managed to escape after exchanging fire with the army for three hours.

Palestinian sources reported that Sanaqra, fired several rounds as he
ran among the soldiers before he managed to escape the arrest attempt
by Israeli military forces.

ArabYnet news website quoted Sanaqra as saying, ‘This military assault
proves that Israel is not serious and not interested in calm, Israelis
will continue to violate agreements anyway’

On  the other hand, Abu Saltah, was injured in his foot, while the Sanaqra escaped without injuries.

Nasser Abu Aziz, the spokesperson of the brigades in Balata refugee
camp said, the brigades will not be committed to the calm declared by
the Palestinian factions after this attack and previous attack in which
Ibrahim Smiri, another Aqsa brigades operative was killed.


“There were at least thirty military vehicles invaded the camp. They
and attempted to break into the house that we were using, but we
exchanged fire with them and managed to escape”, Abu Aziz said.

This is the second military operation in Balata refugee camp within less than ten days.