Israeli prison guard tower (archive image)

Three days after starting a hunger strike in Asqalan Israeli prison, Palestinian detainees suspended their strike after reaching an agreement with the Prison Administration to move them to a section that has better living conditions.

The Palestinian Prisoners Society (PPS) said the detainees will be resuming the hunger strike if the prison authority unilaterally voids the agreement.

The PPS added that the detainees declared the strike after a month-long series of punitive measures against them, including violent searches of their rooms, which led to the destruction of their property.

They also protested the dire living conditions they face in Asqalan, which only contains one section for holding the Palestinian political prisoners.

Last October, the prison authority transferred many detainees from Asqalan to Nafha, without allowing them to take their belongings with them, and when they were moved back to Asqalan, in November, they found out the extent of violence and destruction of their belongings, including finding the Holy Quran on the ground with marks of a military boot on it. The detainees immediately declared a hunger strike.

It is worth mentioning that dozens of detainees were injured, and many were forced into solitary confinement this year, due to the escalation of the Israeli violations against them.