Thursday morning, Yair Naveh, Central Command Chief of the Israeli army, suspended the officer who was in command in Beit Liqya, near Ramallah, when soldiers shot killed two Palestinian children on Wednesday evening.

An Israeli military source reported that an initial investigation conducted by the army revealed that ‘a series of faults occurred in handling the incident’.

Initial finding of the military probe revealed that the decision to open fire at the two children was ‘illogical’.

A local source in Beit Liqya stated that the children were playing football near the separation wall; however, the Israeli army claims that soldiers attempted to disperse some 300 protestors who hurled stones at ‘construction equipments used for the contraction of the Separation Wall, one soldier was injured, Israeli army source said.

The two children, identified as Adi al-Assi, 15, and Jamal al-Assi, 17, died of their wounds sustained in their hearts and faces.

“They were playing football near the only entrance to the village, there were killed without any fault of their own, they were just playing…” a resident of Beit Liqya said.

Tawfik Abu Khousa, the spokesperson of the ministry of information said that the Palestinian factions are still committed to the truce, but the P.A should carry it duties out and stand firm against the Israeli violations.