The Israeli police reported that an unknown group sprayed graffiti against the Israeli prime minister Ariel Sharon around Jerusalem.

The Israeli police said that this incident is one of many expected similar incidents before implementing the disengagement plan…

One of the main locations where the graffiti were found was the Yad Vaster Holocaust museum in Jerusalem.

The graffiti were written inside the museum complex, juts hours before Israeli an annual ceremony commemorating the Holocaust.

Also, various slogans were found against Sharon in several areas in Jerusalem, including his official residence. The graffiti reads ‘Sharon is following Hitler’s path’, and ‘Sharon, Hitler will be proud of you’.

The Israeli police said that it is probing the incident which is believed to be motivated by ‘ideological reasons’.

Last month, an extremist Jewish group desecrated the grave of the late Israeli PM Yitzhak Rabin; the police believe that it is based on the same motives.