Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas reiterated the PA’s rejection to the idea of a provisional state, Palestinian sources reported.

Speaking at a meeting with some prominent Palestinian figures, Abbas affirmed his commitment to the Palestinian stance to establish a Palestinian state the 1967 internationally recognized borders.

Abbas’s comments came to dismiss earlier reports claimed that he showed readiness to discuss the provisional state as an option.

Abbas stated that if the Palestinian Authority will not have control over the borders, and the evacuated settlements, the withdrawal will not be complete.

He insisted that any final status solution will be subject to referendum among Palestinians, in the West Bank, Gaza Strip and Diaspora.

Abbas expressed his vision of the Palestinian state to be a democratic and free, which citizens can live safe in peace and reiterated promises to create a situation of the rule of law.

He held Israel responsible for setbacks in the peace process because of ‘its continuous delay in implementing the signed agreements including the latest, in Sharm Al-Sheikh’.